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Top 5 Beaches in The Mediterranean Sea

´╗┐The Mediterranean is a popular hotspot for holidays in the sun thanks to its great climate and wide variety of things to see and do across many different countries. So where are the best locations to head to for a fun-filled beach holiday? Here are five suggestions to provide inspiration for your next beach break in the Mediterranean. Spain Spain is the British favourite when it comes to beach holidays - and it isttle wonder. The south coast of the mainland is something of a haven for pleasure-seeking holidaymakers, particularly locations along the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blancake Torremolinos, Malaga and Marbella. The Spanish islands are also well worth checking out when it comes to beach holidays. The two main sets are the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, with both offering a similar mixture of sun, sea and sand to mainland Spain - along with a host of cultural and natural attractions unique to each island. Greece Greece's ancient history, warm climate and stunning natural scenery make for the perfect destination for holidays in the sun. If you want to stay on the mainland, just a few of the locations you might want to consider include Halkidiki and Kalamata, from which various beach resorts can easily be accessed. Like Spain, Greece has many islands that rival the mainland in terms of beach holiday fun - popular options include Crete, Rhodes, Corfu and Kos, as well as several smaller islands that offer sun-drenched breaks in relatively secluded, unspoilt settings. Cyprus Cyprus is a large island boasting something for everyone - whether you want a party-filled beach holiday or something a bit more family-friendly, you can find it here. Popular destinations include Paphos and Limassol in the west and Larnaca and Ayia Napa to the east. Mountain ranges, historic monuments and fine wineries all offer great potential for day trips when you want to get away from the beach for a while. Turkey Turkey's Mediterranean coast attracts crowds of travellers every year keen to soak up the sun and enjoy the country's unique east-meets-west culture on their beach holidays. Bodrum, Antalya and Marmaris are all popular locations for Turkish holidays in the sun. Portugal Like its neighbour Spain, Portugal has plenty to offer travellers looking for beach holidays that combine sun-soaked beaches with a fantastic culture and equally great cuisine. The Algarve coast is a particularly attractive destination for holidays in the sun thanks to its beautiful beaches and wonderfully clear blue waters. There's plenty of golf to be had here, making it a great location for fans of the sport. Enjoy your holidays on these beaches and have a real fun. Author offers you to book cheap flights to Crete and also cheap flights to Bodrum and many more destinations online.

Vacation Rental or Hotel

´╗┐Orlando Magic Kingdom Rentals are specialists in the vacation rentals market within Central Florida. We have undertaken a pros and cons review of Hotel versus Vacation Rental stays and have come up with our main points to share with you. At Orlando Magic Kingdom Rentals clearly we have a bias towards rentals and this will tell you why in our experiences; Vacation rentals have a massive advantage over hotels, the later charging higher prices for smaller spaces and from time to time failing tove up to tourists' expectations. The credit crunch did not and will never impact the rental business as each of us needs a long awaited rest and vacation of afetime in which to recharge the batteries so to speak so folks always save and create their own holiday of afetime. We all work hard, and the 20 days per year vacation is important to all of us. More freedom and space Hotels are set up with pre-defined rules and regulations - ie breakfast is only served between the hours of X and Y and guests only really have the usage of the smaller space at all times. Vacation rentals offer greater flexibility. It has lots of free space to afford a laidback vacationfe for people who wish to stretch and sprawl lazily. Going on vacation in a large party means that vacation homes are affordable as you are paying for the home not per person. Affording a host of extra facilities Hotel ethos does lack the homey feel despite the management's best efforts. Vacation homes are equipped with fully accessorized kitchens, optional hot tubs,brary with books and perhaps a home theater, as well as board games, laundry facilities, complimentary TV and wi-fi and other additional benefits. Provides privacy Hotels are crammed with overwhelming number of tourists presenting you with moans and groans to rile you with overcrowded pools, constantly moving elevators, noisy guests and staff bustling about. Vacation rentals serve as excellent retreat to relax in a tranquil environment. Further, you are at absolute ease and need not worry about disturbing the sensibilities of other tourists. Within reason No one will ever complain about boisterous kids. Situated at prime locations In allkelihood, you are going to spot a rental nestled in the heart of excitement, located near strategic points of interest such as Orlando, or Kissimmee in Windsor Hills or Emerald Island for example, offering firsthand experience of local culture, and yet shrouded in privacy. You also have the opportunity to play golf, go shopping, go to the theme parks or simply laze around your very own private pool area. Once again you dont need to share a communal poolke in the hotels. Far more cost-efficient Proceeding on a vacation itself involves spending significantly on many incidental expenses coming your way. You will be wary of spending a fortune on accommodation and food. In hotels, you may have to move out of the resort to costly restaurants to have your meals if the hotel does not supply them. In a vacation rental, you can whip up a tasty meal with the ingredients at hand. Alternatively you can still eat out at relatively cheap prices if you pick the right restaurants outside of the tourists area perhaps. Rentals afford you the comfort of enjoying the company of your entire family together not separated by brick walls as in a hotel. We also have situations where large parties of over 20-30 can holiday together in side by side homes. This would not be possible in a hotel !!! All of this can be on a shared basis - ie once again the vacation rental price is for the home itself and not per person so if you are spending lets say $2000 for a week - and you have a party of 10 adults - simple maths dictate that this is $200 for the week per person. Amazing value. So if you are planning to buy a vacation home or turning your second property to a rental, you now know that you could be making a very wise decision !! or simply looking to rent ? Pay us a visit at our website? Gary W Owner of Orlando Magic Kingdom Rentals Specialists in the Vacation Rental Business in Orlando FLorida

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